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A Day at Morning Sun

8:30Free Play
9:45Routine Care
10:00Circle Time
10:45Outdoor Time
11:45Routine Care
12:30Lunch Time
1:00Quiet Activities
1:30Nap Time
3:30Routine Care
4:00Circle Time
4:30Outdoor Time
5:00Routine Care
5:15Quiet Activities

Greetings and Settling In

Provider greets each child and parent warmly and provides information sharing time with parent.

Provider spends some time with each child before parent leaves.

Diaper Change

Provider checks and changes diapers as needed.

Diapering and toileting used as time to talk with and relate warmly to children.

Indoor Time

Children are playing with toys, games, and puzzles together, to learning how to share. They are also learning social skills.

Clean Up

Provider makes cleaning up as easy as possible and children are participating in it.

Circle Time

Provider teaches bilingual languages such as Chinese Mandarin and English, using it to singing songs and tell storis with children, making circle time a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Snack Time

Each child is sitting on their chair and has his/her snack.

Provider sits with children altogether and services for children when they need it any time.


Children are following the providers directions to do a project for Halloween.

Outdoor Time

Children are always excited when they are playing on the playground. Sometimes they are running, riding bicycles or sliding. Sometimes they are just free playing.

Lunch Time

Provider sits with children and uses feeding time to help children.

The children are fed separately or in a very small group.

Nap Time

Nap time is scheduled appropriately for each child.

Children helped to relax with soft music and providers back rubbed.

Quiet Activities

Children enjoys it when provider reading book, and some children are free playing.


Provider gives parent specific information about how the day went.

Clothing and bags are ready for departure.